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Hire The Bear Williams Band For Your Next


They're are 11 popular types of corporate events and The Bear Williams Band can be the perfect entertainment compliment for them all... 1. Conferences, 2. Product Launches,

3. Trade Shows, 4. Appreciation Ceremonies, 5. Team-Building Activities, 6. Board Meetings,

7. Shareholder Meetings, 8. Company Milestones, 9. Congresses, 10. Award Ceremonies,

11. Company or Industry Sports Tournaments. BWB does them all!


Why Choose Us?

From fifty to five thousand attendees, The Bear Williams Band Delivers Live World-Class Blues, Rock  and Soul Musical Entertainment at a price point that will have your comptroller

smiling from ear to ear!

Here are a few tips for planning a successful corporate event...

1. Make sure it has a clear purpose.

2. Calculate a realistic budget.

3. Set deadlines for project preparations.

4. Choose your audience.

5. Determine the event's overall theme.

6. Select a location.

7. Plan the event's schedule.

8. Advertise your event.

A Customized Experience

Bear Williams and his professional management staff will work with your corporate event planner every step of the way to ensure that the musical entertainment you receive during your corporate event is exactly tailored to your specific needs.

The music performed by BWB is always free of racial slurs, religious or political leanings and profanity.

Contact us below for a free event consultation.

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