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Bear Williams' Music is firmly rooted in the field hollers, spirituals, and delta blues of his ancestors. Bear's parents were born in McGehee, and Tillar Arkansas respectively. The two moved with their families to Chicago in the 1930's during the "Great Southern Migration" of Blacks to the North and West. The families came for jobs and

a better life. They also came for freedom from the oppression of Jim Crow and the covert slavery that Sharecropping was. They brought their hopes, their dreams, and yes, their music. What you'll hear from Bear Williams is a hybrid of the many styles of both traditional and contemporary Blues. We sincerely hope that you embrace the music of Bear Williams and that you'll desire to support his creative efforts, both spiritually as well as financially with both ticket and merchandise sales. Click the photo icons to make a purchase.

Thank You!

This Is America by Bear Williams
Sacrifice by Bear Williams
Clear Blue Sky by Bear Williams
The Other Side by Bear Williams
Blues Rebel by Bear Williams
BW SamplerBear Williams
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Blue Christmas by Bear Williams
Joy To The World by Bear Williams
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